“Art is my job, but also my escape” Claire Prouvost

Claire Prouvost is a french illustrator currently based in Dublin. She knew from her childhood that she wanted to have a career as an illustrator and she lives her dream ever since. Her artwork is colorful and fresh! Claire takes her inspiration in diverses forms of art like photography, painting or architecture.


Can you introduce a little bit yourself? What’s your background, when did you start drawing and why?

I am from France and I recently graduated from a Masters in Graphic design in Toulouse. Ever since, I’ve been living and working in Dublin as a Junior Graphic Designer in a community that inspires me everyday. I was drawing from a very young age, my parents, and particularly my father, thought me how to draw and paint. We have always had a studio at home and we would spend long afternoons painting together. I was always very sure that I wanted an artistic career. Then, I went to a high-school that was particularly focused on Applied Arts, where I really learnt how to think out of the box and challenge my skills. These years were followed by many years in college, multiple internships in Ireland, meeting the right people at the right time… and, well.. being there. So here I am now.

What inspires you?

Strong female figures, attitude, fashion, the 60’s-70’s, nature… When I combine all of these, I can create my own mix and express it on paper. I love to be supple and to be influenced by many fields, from traditional painting to photography and from fashion to architecture.



Who are your favorite illustrators? Who do you follow on Instagram?

Oh man, I have so many favorites! My absolute idols are  Isabelle Feliu, Quentin Monge, Lorraine Sorlet, Gosia Herba, Ines Longevial, Willian Santiago, Karl Joel Larsson, Tom Haugomat, Seil Smith… Just to name a few! On Instagram, I follow illustration superstars, as I mentioned above, but also lots of people starting out in illustration (like me), painters, sculptors, photographers… I like colorful and quirky styles that focus a lot on composition and shape. I’m also very grateful for the artistic community on instagram, so inspiring, kind and supportive.

What’s art to you?

Art is my job, but also my escape. I am amazed by the amount of shapes and forms art can take. And also about how important and influential it is in my life. I don’t know what I would do with myself if I didn’t have that way to express my feelings, or to relax. Painting to me is also a sort of ‘me time’ after a long day of work, I love to go home and paint until I get to bed. No need for phone or TV.

What quote do you live by?

Hmm… I would say that one:

‘It’s not just about creativity, it’s about the person you’re becoming while you’re creating’ – Charlie Peacock.

At the moment, I really see my creative style as the reflexion of my own personal evolution. I try to work hard but I also have a lot of patience because I know I am unfurling myself to the person I want to be in the future.

 Last but not least, Kluid is all about music, fashion, and of course illustration; what’s your opinion about those topics? Do you have any favorite clothing brand? What’s your style? Any favorite music ?

I think they are all related and feeding into each other. I love music so much, and I’m slightly compulsive when it comes to fashion. My style is quite simple, I love muted colours, but also contrast, and interesting patterns. I like to be comfortable in my clothing, so I like to pair skinny jeans with an oversize top for example. My favorite brands are Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters & Zara, but I love thrift shops and I’m trying to buy a lot more from those!

I love electronic music, and DJs that are playing with lots of different ambiances and instruments, like bonobo, Nu, Oliver Koletzki, Rampue… Trip-hop, deep, house, anything with a world music or a Jazz influence too. I also listen to a lot of African music and Jazz.