Art Trilogy: PS120 gallery

This week, Kluid Magazine had a private tour of the 250m2 of the PS120 art gallery. The exhibition Loose Ends Don’t Tie is a group exhibition of ten artists and is the first part of a trilogy called The Way Things Run (Der Lauf der Dinge). We’ve been welcome by Justin Polera, writer and curator at the origin of the project. The purpose of PS120 is to give an opportunity to young emerging artists to expose their projects or artworks in the context of huge giants of art history. Among those emerging talents, we can also find huge artists such as Joan Jonas and Renée Green.



PS120 acts as a laboratory for experimental curation that the space adds to the cultural fabric of Potsdamer Straße and acts as a site to help lift up the careers of young artists. As well as a place for the community to come together for readings and events.

Don’t miss this art trilogy and keep posted for the next two episodes! First part Loose Ends Don’t Tie until May 27th, 2018.


 Alvaro Barrington, 1954-1967, 2018, Courtesy of the artist.

 Zac Langdon-Pole, 2018, Residuals

 Joan Jones, 1958, Wind



Above that, Justin Polera is also at the origin of the app Exhibitionary, a cultural app where you can find all the art exhibitions and openings in cities all over the world like Berlin, New-York, London, and so on. To our Kluiders: download the app! For iOS and Android.



Artists Loose Ends Don’t Tie:

Alvaro Barrington

Tom Burr

Renée Green

Iman Issa

Mirak Jamal

Joan Jonas

Tarik Kiswanson

Zac Langdon-Pole

Olu David Ogunnaike

Rosemarie Trockel



Where to find PS120?

Potsdamer Strasse 120

10785 Berlin, Brandenburg


More information about the exhibition: