Berlin Fashion Film Festival: crossroads between fashion and cinema

Last week, Berlin was hosting the 7th edition of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival (BFFF). The event brings together creative filmmakers, production companies, agencies and brands to showcase the best films produced by upcoming directors. On the 2018 agenda, talks and networking with international professionals, but also screening session and awards ceremony.


BFFF focus on giving the opportunity to emerging talents to infiltrate the creative industry by creating the Creative Speed Dating, a session in which every participant have a one-on-one meeting with leaders from big production companies. During that meeting, creatives can pitch their work, themselves, display their skills and maybe meet a future client or business partner.


The success of BFFF emphasizes today’s power of fashion films. More than a trend, they connect the art of fashion and cinema. More and more requested by designers and fashion companies, fashion films started to blossom with the boom of digital technologies.


We did a short selection of our favorites winners, so enjoy and don’t be shy to share!

 Diesel – Go with the flaw 



Do you wanna meet international experts and be part of the next Berlin Fashion Film Festival? Visit their website and get ready for next year!