Berlin Kreativ Konferenz: How to start a creative business?

Ready to take the next step and start your own creative business? You should definitely attend the Berlin Kreativ Konferenz to get an overview of what you can expect as a future creative entrepreneur. Indeed, creativity might be the most exciting aspect of a business, but damn it, it’s not the only one; you need to sort out all the legal, logistic, and financial aspects.


As the event’s creators accurately point out: “running an independent creative business can feel like a never-ending challenge, and the areas of expertise required can seem overwhelming”.


The aim of the Berlin Kreativ Konferenz is to help out all those creatives who want to live from their passion. To achieve that, they found the best Berlin-based experts and will run 20 sessions over a two-day period.

Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to at the Konferenz:


  • Legal guidelines for e-commerce

  • Maintaining strong customer relations

  • Mastering product pricing

  • Building your online brand

  • Understanding creative intellectual property rights

  • Working with wholesalers and retailers

  • Basic accounting guidelines for creative businesses

  • Setting smart, realistic goals

  • (and more!)


More information about the conference below: