Berlin: the international capital of green fashion

In just a few weeks Berlin changed from a grey Mordor-like winter to a beautiful, green oasis. The well-deserved nickname “greenest capital of Europe” matches not only with the leafy trees but also the fashion trends of the German metropole. The green fashion scene is blooming with a bundle of local artisans, textile producers, bloggers and designers pushing for development to fast-forward and it is expected to revolutionize the fashion industry. We show you an overview of what’s hot in the sustainable fashion sphere –  and showcase what Berlin, the headquarters of the movement, offers — including tips for online shoppers too.

The topic is relevant since around the end of April, Fashion Revolution Week organized events globally in memoriam of the textile factory Rana Plaza’s collapse in Bangladesh, 2013. One of the events was a flash mob in Alexanderplatz in Berlin, to raise awareness of much needed transparency in the fashion business with the slogan “Who made my clothes?”. Also, the Green Showroom and Ethical fashion shows, organized in the beginning of July as a part of the Berlin Fashion Week, are major events for the local and international sustainable fashion industry.

 Credit @fash_rev

Thanks to increased awareness, we have seen a myriad of cool new sustainable brands and the larger companies providing more sustainable alternatives. For example, the use of organic cotton decreases the use of pesticides. Cotton accounts for 30% of the world’s pesticide usage, which in turn contributes to mental and physical disabilities for suffering locals. Since large companies take their time adapting to the change, the conscious choice is to use your existing wardrobe as well as thrift, borrow or have a look on the sustainably chic local or online stores. You can even book green fashion tours through Berlin, here are some of our personal favourites.


  1. Wertvoll Berlin: The Prenzlauer Berg-based shop is the pioneer in Berlin, being the first dedicated shop to offer sustainable fashion. Showcasing a wide range of stylish brands from Armedangels to People Tree and Jan’ n’ June, this is a must-see for every sustainable-minded fashion lover! Check it out here:

  2. Supermarché: Saying farewell to sacky jut-clothing, this cool store offers organic streetwear and sneakers from its own label Hirschkind and from other Berliner brands such as Jyoti, Minga or Little Sun (among plentiful others). Better wear Fair! Visit the online store here:

  3. Eco-Alf: We had to add the best export that Spain has to offer after its amazing cuisine, meaning here the sustainable lifestyle brand Eco-Alf. They have taken on the incredible challenge of turning the plastic waste from our oceans into sustainably made yarn that transforms into trendy outfits with shoes ranging from that make for trendy streetwear to dependable modern classics such as striped tees. Find the online store here:



To access more sustainable stores in Berlin, check the interactive map here:

What to do with your existing clothes then? In keeping with the times, brands such as Bershka and H&M offer recycling bins for old clothes in the effort against textile waste (16 million tons per year in EU), meaning your unwanted clothes can find a new home. In Berlin several flea markets spanning across Mauerpark, Nowkölln and Mädchenflohmarkt are always filled with excited sellers and buyers making the visit to a fleamarket a regular Sunday habit for many.

Every time you shop, you vote with your wallet.
Speed up the change by making smarter fashion choices, looking damn sexy in the process.