Alright, dating apps, one of our favorite topics. Today we want you to introduce “Bumble”, the most used dating app in US and the new trend in North Europe that has now recently been launched in Spain.


Why is different to Tinder?


First of all, is not only a dating app. It has three features (two of them available in Spain). The first one, yes, dating. What it makes it different from Tinder is that only the girls can text first, and they only have 24h to do so (when dating LGTB both can do it first). As Whitney Wolfe, CEO of Bumble, says “We firmly believe it’s made dating a far more balanced playing field. As women, we’ve been taught to sit and wait for a man to come to us for fear of looking desperate. But that’s a very antiquated, sexist way of thinking and we set out to change that. The feedback from our female and male users [has] been overwhelmingly positive. Women feel confident making the first move and men love having the pressure taken off. For our users, it’s made a hugely positive difference.”


Sounds great, huh?


But that’s not all. Bumble was also conceived as a meet-friends app. You can easily change your overview and go to “Bumble BFF”, that will have different photos and descriptions. It is a feature thought for international students or workers as well as travelers. The idea is to meet like-minded people that have similar interests as you, and they are also new in that city. When you read profiles saying “New in the city! Looking for friends to go to exhibitions, discover every corner of this city have a glass of wine (or two) and have deep conversations”, how couldn’t you not swipe right?

We can already see that now it´s not only used by those who are new in a city, but everyone who wants to meet new people, have fun and explore the new opportunities the digital era is bringing to us.



Finally, we also get the feature “networking”. This one is still not available in Spain, but more and more interesting people is using it in other countries, so it might be a reality soon. It works as the “dating” and “bff” feature, with the difference that here your description should be focused in your work. Is specially used within the creative industry (art directors, filmmakers, stylists…) and the online/digital field, but the more the merrier!



This post is not sponsored, we just wanted to share with you guys an app we think is really Kool!