“It’s our mission to create a collective space where individuality is celebrated” Dandy Horse Berlin

In the heart of cool Kreuzberg, not too far from the steadily flowing Landwehr-canal, Dandy Horse Berlin has established its local concept store. Offering curated vintage clothes, bikes as well as edgy tattoos, Dandy Horse Berlin is a one-stop haven for people wanting to communicate their individuality through their style. For people craving for unique and trendy high-end garments, like Moschino’s vintage leggings or handbags from Prada, Dandy Horse Berlin is a gem. The store is a (temporary) home for many pre-worn, designer pieces, the featured brands including classic Italian fashion houses such as Prada, Versace, Fendi, Valentino and Missoni. From outside, the stylish shop could be easily mixed to a new indie brand store, since the clothes look like new and the minimalistic style and airiness make a distinctive difference to an average vintage store or flea market experience.

Dandy Horse Berlin came to life in 2016 as an online store, selling vintage bikes and clothes. Within a year the owners, Dutch-origin Laura Ter Meer and her Italian boyfriend Maurizio Erriu, opened a brick-and-mortar shop to showcase the selection. The idea of integrating other services in the store started to form already in 2017 and the evolution of the shop continued when there were accompanied by two tattoo artists in October ‘18. The resident body art artists Pauli and Okan are famous for their detailed, black-and-white, thin lines and geometric lines tattoos. Perfect for the edgy chic look that Dandy Horse Berlin celebrates. “At Dandy Horse Berlin we believe that what we place on our bodies symbolises who we are – whether it’s the clothes we wear or the tattoos we chose to mark our skins with. As it’s our mission to create a collective space where individuality is celebrated, we encourage our customers to express their identity through fashion and body art.”

Dandy Horse Berlin breathes the edgy style of Berlin, upgrading it towards a more classical style, highlighting Italian quality and tailored look. The vintage clothes match well also the growing trend favouring sustainability and ecological choices. Laura and Maurizio source mostly natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, cashmere which have endured the test of time. Thanks to its strong style vision as well as synergistic mentality, Dandy Horse Berlin has therefore collaborated with many emerging independent designers who share the same values wanting to foster individuality and sustainability.




Visual Essays @visual.essays

Marcos Rodriguez Velo  @marcos_rodriguezvelo

Styling: Kristina Okan @kristina_okan

Hair & Makeup: Sophie Peters @isabelsophiemakeup



Faze Models Germany @fazemodels

Aline Sophie @aalinesophie

Mathis Wagenbach @mathis_wagenbach

Designers: Dandy Horse Berlin @dandyhorseberlin

Sofia Kov @sofiakovjewelry, Subin Kim @subin10999, We are Still BB @wearestillbb

Production & Concept: Iris Bayat @irisbayat

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