Descubre el último videoclip que Francesco Calabrese dirigió para NAYT

Directed by Francesco Calabrese and produced by Think Cattleya, Musica Ovunque is the latest music video for Italian hip-hop artist NAYT. The video is a reflection of the three conflicting souls of the artist and track – a visual interpretation depicting his demons and their counterpart in the external world, his journey into adulthood influenced by a troubled past and ultimately the death of his ego and acceptance of these demons.

Descubre el último videoclip que Francesco Calabrese dirigió para NAYT

Each stage is clearly marked by a specific color, respectively red, blue and purple as the combination of the two. These are also the colours used by the artist as an overarching theme in the concept album Mood, expressing his contrasting states of mind and different stages of his life.

Fun fact: Musica Ovunque is the sixth project from the director to earn a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Born in a small town in the north of Italy, Francesco Calabrese has been splitting his time between Milan and Los Angeles since 2012 when his short film Lovely Monster attracted Hollywood’s attention. This led him to be represented by CAA and Artists First, two of the most important talent agencies in the US, and collaborate with Lionsgate to turn the short into a feature. Though he keeps busy by shooting commercials all over the world, he still finds the time to develop film and tv projects, write scripts and shoot personal projects. 

Calabrese’s work is defined by a keen eye for flawless photography, a superb understanding of sequence and narrative construction and the ability to tell deeply human, evocative stories. In just over ten years Calabrese has directed hundreds of commercials, music videos, fashion films and short films which have earned him worldwide recognition. 


Web: www.francescocalabrese.tv

Instagram: @ffccffccffcc

Twitter: @francescoctv



Written and Directed by Francesco Calabrese


Artist: Nayt (@nayt)

Track: Musica Ovunque (Prod.3D)

Label: VNT1 / Sony


Production: Think Cattleya (@think_cattleya)

Executive Producer: Francesco Pistorio (@ciscojahson)

VNT1: Pierluigi Rossi


Director of Photography: Luca Costantini (@luc_costantini)

Editor: Marcello Sanna (@mars_editor)

Costume Designer: Sara Costantini (@saret_costantini)

Makeup: Silvia Murciano (@silvia_murciano_makeup)

Production design: Amos Caparrotta


Producer: Victoria Rabbogliatti (@_victoria_vic_)

Head Of Production: Enrico Degano

Production Coordinator: Irene Giovenzana

PA: Francesco Devitini

PA: Guido Ingenito


AD: Lisa Valcarenghi (@lisavalcarenghi)

2ndAD: Inigo Placido


1stAC: Loic Bovolenta

2ndAC: Oscar Molero (oscarmoleroprat)

DIT: Giovanni Fiormarino


Costumes assistant: Cecilia Rossi

Seamstress: Erika Cima


Makeup Assistant: Maria Trecarichi

Makeup Assistant: Natascia Lapiana

Makeup Assistant: Valentina Marzona (@valentinamarzona)


Art Assistant: Vasco Nardiotti

Prop Master: Fabrizio Florio

Prop Master Assistant: Leonardo Tosetto


Rigs: Giovanna Soletta, Gabriele Dall’ Osto


Gaffer: Felice Guzzi  

Spark: Marco I. Francavilla 

Spark: Fabio Bonizzoni 

Key Grip: Davide Cortesi 

Grip: Fabio Pitalieri 

Grip: Massimo Fossali


Still Photography: Anna Adamo (@anna_adamo)

Storyboard: Christian G. Marra


Post: Exchanges Vfx, Luca Loschi (@il_loschi)

VFX Supervisors: Marco Negri, Mirko De Angelis

VFXTD: Carlo Ballot

Artists: Giuseppe Moro Grim, Roberta Longo, Guido Tognoni

Producer: Letizia Sala

Online: Angelo Anzalone

3D (Monster): Emiliano Neroni

Additional comp: Alessandro Sanna

Intern: Ianky

Color: Orash Rahnema (@orashr)

Additional Color: Daniel Pallucca (@daniel.pallucca)

Additional Color: Anna Visigalli (@anna__visigalli)


Casting: Souls & Faces (@souls_faces_cast)




Gaia Bernasconi

Maurilio (@kobramulato)

Moustapha Gueye

Omar Ouedraogo


Giovanni Bianchini

Elisa Mangili

Hsuanyu Chen



Additional Video: Jacopo Mutti (@_jacopo_mutti_)

Additional Video: Nicolò Braggion


Precision Driver: Nicolò Fabri

Insurance: Kent Broker

Safety: Alis, Matteo Mazzali, Francesco Basile

Art Rental: Luxury Restauri & Ristrutturazioni, Massimo Daga

Catering: Ma Maison

Truck Rental: Free Autotrasporti

Stages: Video Project, Luca Bressa, Petra Borgomanero, Agostino Vitucci

Equipment by Panalight Milano