Descubre la colección “Refugio” by Enric Terés

Descubre la colección “Refugio” by Enric Terés

«Refugio» starts from the union of mountaineering and home textiles, thus making a parallelism between a toxic relationship and climbing a mountain. From this idea, the concept of a common «couple» is confronted with a mountain shelter, hence playing with the different meanings of these. The parallelism serves both for the progression of the collection, as well as for the characteristic elements, such as carabiners, strings, or buckles. Besides, regarding the concept of home, fabrics of upholstery, blankets, and carpets are present throughout the process bringing us the warmth and comfort of a shelter.


Clothes, styling & creative direction by Enric Terés / @enrxct
Model is Ainara Elejalde / @ainara.bel 

Photography by Nora de Fabiani / @noradefabiani
Photography assistant by Marc Pérez / @mmmarcperez
Make up by Llucia Santa Cruz / @filiagulla_

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