Descubre la editorial Decoder por Paula Sanz y Ampersand

Decoder is a collaborative editorial of a group of youngsters wanting to express the artistic and trending movements happening in the suburbs of big cities. Taking Metropolis – Fritz Langs’ movie – as an inspiration, we tried to highlight the importance of these suburban areas. While Lang shows us how the surface of the city, where the workers were, was essential for the proper operation of the world, we bring the concept to our current days, updating it, trying to show how forward looking the outskirts of the cities are in comparison with the urban centres. We firmly believe that suburbs are the places to look at to foresee the trends, since every trend comes from a social shake which are likely to happen in one of those suburbs.

prendas: Ampersand Reparto Studio Espino modelos: George Steane Gonzalo Navarro fotografía: Paula Sanz dirección creativa: Ampersand estilismo: Juanan Usero maquillaje: María Lorain peluquería: Alejandro Ortega Asistente de Foto: Carlos de Saavedra