Descubre la editorial Opresión por Daniel Castro

Descubre la editorial Opresión por Daniel Castro

The story…Is about two girls who come home from a party.  Because of drug use, they appear liberated and without the daily stress they used to feel.  They go through different situations, they are two crazy women full of passion but they also can loose their mind and sanity due to psychotic disorders from the consumption of toxic substances at the party.


Director, Fotógrafo, Productor: Daniel Castro Baena @danielciervo_

asistente de fotografia  @henardetorres

Modelos:  -Camille @camille_rochel

-Cat @catcaramelo

Estilista: Andrea @findmeinandromeda

Dop: Raúl Durán @rdgotor

Eléctrico: -Arturo Heymans@arturoheymans

-Nacho Avella @policloruro

Arte: -Clara Ángel @weird.raccoon

-Clara Calvo @claracm21

MUA: Mimi Caramelo @mimimfxp

Departamento de producción: Vicky Ortega @vickyortega_8

Productores: Daniel Castro, Raúl Durán, Nacho Avella


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