Do you have a room (for love)?

Somehow on the way, we lost ourselves in this traffic jam of relations and attractions: hooks up, polyamorous, couple, married, divorced, again together, sex friend, sapiosexual, foot fetish, cuddlers …

What makes you break boundaries? What makes you create new ones?

Is there a tutorial for that?


The main idea is to make space to create memories, right?

Can we see it from a physic angle? I wish.


Let’s forget about algorithm dates, matches, crushes. All rubbish

What if you could just meet someone. Frightening.

You would have to proceed by step:

Introduction, an old fashion process of being curious without being a stalker. It‘s a very slight difference between both.



Curious would say: first time I see you here, do you come often?

Stalker would say: how come you are here? You live close? Where do you live?

Also, I recommend you smile, more with your eyes than with your mouth. Try.


What would be a good punchline?

We don’t know anymore. Do we have to be rational? Is there a way to avoid rational questions? Lie? Disguise?


The truth is between the lines anyway. Who tells his deep shit on the first dates? The ones that watch Harry and Sally for the 125th time alone I guess.


How to get a closure? You meet someone, you play by the rules, you makes plans, you follow some of them, make compromise, move together, have a dog named Bobby, eventually children.

wait a minute we skipped the game? The chess of feelings, brave demonstration of Love, pride and quiproquos.

 Is it the first time I see you here? I really like your style, you have good vibes. Really?

So let’s be a big lie. Together.

Credit artwork Jessica Moritz