The erotic-selfportraits of Natalie Krim

Hoy conocemos a la artista Natalie Krim, quien se deja llevar por las emociones y los deseos más desenfrenados e inconscientes en sus ilustraciones. Un primer vistazo a su obra puede distraer al espectador, que puede perderse en imágenes aparentemente sexuales. Pero nada más lejos de la realidad. Natalie nos abre las puertas a su mundo personal, lleno de autorretratos íntimos de carácter naif  y delicado, donde explora la sexualidad. Autorretratos eróticos que esconden una declaración artística más profunda

Today we meet the artist Natalie Krim, who lets herself be carried away by the most unraveled and unconscious emotions and desires in her illustrations. A first look at his work can distract the viewer, who can get lost in seemingly sexual images. Nothing could be further from the truth. Natalie opens the doors to her personal world, full of intimate self-portraits of naïve and delicate character, where she explores sexuality. Erotic self-portraits that hide a deeper artistic declaration.


Inspirada por la fortaleza y la capacidad emocional de las mujeres, Natalie refleja delicadas imágenes sensuales con un mensaje muy potente: eliminar el miedo de las mujeres de expresar placer. Y lo hace de la forma más poética posible. La artista indaga en los problemas de las mujeres y otras problemáticas de carácter político y les da una imagen dulce y aniñada. Su estética viene influenciada por su conocimiento del mundo de la lencería y las fotografías de estrellas de Hollywood de su abuelo.

Inspired by the strength and emotional capacity of women, Natalie reflects delicate sensory images with a very powerful message: it eliminates women’s fear of expressing pleasure. And he does it in the most poetic way possible. The artist explores the problems of women and other political issues and gives them a sweet and childlike image. Her aesthetic is influenced by her knowledge of the world of lingerie and photographs of her grandfather’s Hollywood stars.


Charlamos con ella y nos sumergimos en su diario de garabatos sensuales e ingenuos.

We speak with her and we submerged in her diary of sensual and ingenuous scribbles.





Tell us a little about you. Who is Natalie Krim?

I am an artist living in Los Angeles.

Is illustration for you something vocational? How did you get in this area?

I am an artist by profession, but it is something I have always been. I grew up in a family of artists, so it was very natural to always be creating.

How would you define your style?

My drawings have predominantly been small- scale intimate works that are mostly minimal, erotic, and autobiographical. Gradually, my works have become larger-scale and address issues with political undertones and women’s issues.

The female figure is a recurring theme in your autobiographical work. Are there other women who inspire you?

Really, all women inspire me. Their strength, their intellect, their emotional capacity, their darkness and their light inspire me. Women have the ability to be all and I find that empowering. When I’m drawing I am drawing with the female viewer in mind. I want to tell her, “ It’s ok, you’re not alone.”

Why do you prefer the linear stroke instead of other techniques? Tell us more about your pictorial technique.

I prefer linear work because I like the feeling of digging into the surface. I need my hand to feel free and move fast, it helps to release the anxiousness that can overcome me.

What is your opinión about using social media to disseminate your work?

I feel blessed to have been able to connect with so many people and talent through social media. To be able to share one’s artwork at any time of day or night is really special.

At kluidmagazine we like to talk about music, fashion, gastronomy and art. Could you give us a recommendation of each one?

Music: Sade

Fashion: Whatever makes you feel your best! I really love The Great Eros right now

Gastronomy:  The Old Place is my favorite, a restaurant outside of LA

Art:  mine : )








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