«Every album is the result of how I was feeling» NxxxxxS

NxxxxxS, that’s N five X’s, harnessing Red Bull Music’s Berlin studio, is an ace in the hole for pretty much any party if played loud enough. If you’ve been following NxxxxxS you’ve probably been waiting for something new since Fujita Scale or Synthetic Corp. As soon as the announcement was made that new visuals were incoming, the anticipation of a well deserved and highly anticipated come-up became real again.


Cover Album Friendzone @sucukbratwurst NxxxxxS

Did releasing an album called “Synthetic Corporation” come from a certain time in your life, a place or mood you were in?

 Yeah of course, every album is the result of how I was feeling, what I had in mind, where I was when I made it etc…I made Synthetic Corp in the winter. I think I was sad, but I don’t remember correctly, I think this album is pretty dark. To oppose, I was in a super mood when I made Remember Last Summer, and that’s probably why it’s the one I’m the most proud of. I made most of the tracks on my balcony at a house at the beach in Asia at 6 am, with the birds starting to sing and the sun rising. It’s a really good memory.

When did you find out you needed music to be a bigger part of your life? 

Playing GTA. First San Andreas and then GTA 4. I was listening to radio Los Santos on San Andreas, this is what made me love hip hop, and later I was listening to the journey on GTA 4, which really opened me to ambient music. Maybe my music is a mix between hip hop and ambient?

What are you listening to on repeat?

Imma tell you some tracks I ve been listening to on repeat recently, I don’t think the list make any senses, like it’s not new tracks new artists it’s just some tracks that fit my mood at the moment. So lately I’ve played the most is probably pop rocks by Ramriddlz. I love Ramriddlz I remember when I discovered his music I was in NY by myself in the summer I was listening to sweeterman after suicideyear posted it on Facebook, the track had like 2000 plays on YouTube. Its a really good memory of the summer in NY and this track pop rocks kind of remind. Me of this mood. I have the whole blonde album by Frank Ocean since it’s been out, never got tired of it. Lindo and late nite by Joey Fatts, feels like I’m in a movie when I’m listening, I was talking to Joey about it and he told me it’s exactly what he is looking for when he makes an album, and I was so happy to hear cause he is one of my favorite rapper and we share the exact same opinion on how an album should be. 30 hours, I didn’t like the track at first, I remember I was disappointed to hear this type of drums when Kanye put out life of Pablo, but I was stupid. Ready to die by notorious big.

 Cover Album Fujita Scale NxxxxxS

How are you feeling about Parisian music in 2018, where are you right now?


I don’t think we can say there is something called Parisian music. I have some French artists I’m close with but they are mostly not Parisian. Timothee Joly and Ta-Ra are from Paris but other ones I like to work with like Retro xArthrnRil3y or Roger are from the south of France. I also love to work with Live From Earth, they are in Berlin but it’s not a problem at all, I go to Germany when I have to it’s easy.

With the recent release of your video, will you shoot more looking to Summer 2018?

Yeah actually I’m writing this right now and when I’m done I’m going to shoot a music video for the track with Soudiere on my new album Can’t Get no Sleep. Also we just dropped a music video for Fantaisie Printanière with Live From Earth and Timothee Joly.



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