“Everyday I’m happy, I’m doing what I want” Sarah Vignon

We had a chat with the French illustrator Sarah Vignon who welcomes us in her Berliner flat. Few years ago, Sarah gave up the financial stability of a secure office job and made the decision to follow her passion for drawings. Proud about her decision, she spend her time working as a freelancer and offer workshops for all levels participants. Beginner or expert? The purpose of the workshop is to share her passion for illustration but also to teach, and meet new cool creatives. 100% French, Sarah Vignon answered our question with some anecdotes, a big smile, and philosophy.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I studied Fine Arts in France and after my studies I moved to Berlin. I’ve been in Berlin on holiday for a month and I thought that the city was amazing, creative, and everyone seemed more open. I had this idea that everything seems so easy here. I met another French girl who had a concept store with local designers and creative people. We started to work together very fast. The best and the worst job experience of my life! The worst because we’re lost in the German bureaucratic system. On the other hand, it was amazing to meet creatives, designers, and to be close to them. I did this for 3 years. Then I worked for Les Galeries Lafayette for one year. I decided to quit to focus on my drawings. I never really quit drawing even if I’d job that was more or less in connexion with my artistic skills. I wanted to be more professional and not just doing some drawings on the side. Honestly, it’s not easy to stay by yourself all day long, to stay focus, but I don’t regret my decision. Everyday I’m happy, I’m doing what I want.


As a freelancer you spend most of your time working at home, how do you get constantly inspired?

I take most of my inspiration in books or movies. I always try to make a connexion between my drawings and what I like, for instance it could be a specific scene in a movie. I also realized really fast that it’s not a problem at all to write in French in my drawings, people actually like it! Berlin represents this melting pot where you’re constantly discovering new culture. I feel so close to my roots since I’m an expat that I want to share my own culture.


Do you also take inspiration from your friends or family?

Yes of course! And when I’ve no ideas I take a notebook and I go to the cafe next to my flat makes sketches. Drawing requires practicing, it’s like writing, you have to practice to become better.


In today’s digital world, who do you follow on Instagram?

I use Instagram only in an artistic way. I like to see what others artists do, discover new talents and illustrators. It’s amazing to see this moving crowd, and also encouraging because you want to join them in the movement. It’s like when you see people dancing you want to dance with them, it’s inspiring.

One of my favorite Instagram account is the Spanish duo girls @cachetejack, they have this powerful recognizable artwork with strong messages like feminism, environment or ecology. I also like the french illustrator @agathesorlet, she is very cute!


In Spain, we really see that illustration is not only a trend, it’s more and more coming. How do you visualize the illustration industry in few years?

Illustration it’s still pretty new but it’s true it’s growing. When I was studying, in term of Art School, illustration drawing was not recognized that much. Art is like fashion it’s a matter of hype. Now, we’ve good illustrators recognize as artist. I think we’re losing concrete stuff in our daily life, everything seems so virtual, we needs drawings to understand how it works. For instance, I see a lot of banks looking for illustrators because everything is abstract..


So now, how do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’d love to still have this life, doing my drawings and my workshops. My long-term project is to do a book, a graphic novel, to connect and share my passion. For the moment, I need more maturity. It’s a matter of time, it’s also about finding the right inspiration and be confident about yourself.


Last but not least, as you know Kluid is all about music, fashion and of course illustration, can you share with us your favorites books, movies, trends?

They’re so many books! But I’d say my favorite is Promesse de l’Aube by Romain Gary, a classic. Then, my favorite movie True Romance written by Quentin Tarantino and Stranger Than Paradise.

About music, I recently discovered that my YouTube playlists are public, so I invite you to check my Youtube channel! Otherwise, I recently had a big crush for Chaton, a French singer and I also love the last album of Courtney Barnett ‘Tell me how you really feel”. For my style, I’m French so I’ve a bunch of striped tee-shirt…



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Credit photos Sarah Vignon  

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