Highlights of the MIRA Digital Arts Festival


Here we go for the Kluid review of the MIRA Festival! The digital art festival took place the 5th of May at the Funkhaus Berlin. The purpose of the festival was to mix exhibitions with dissemination and education. Challenge completed! The incredible historical location combines with the artists selected this year made this 2018 edition quite memorable.


Firstly created in Barcelona in 2011, the festival started its Berlin edition from 2016 and continued to provide a unique show every year. The MIRA Festival uses new technologies to provide audio and visual artistic installations.


This year programme showcased artists such as Aisha Devi, Espinoza Modular, Lorenzo Senni, Lux DJ, or even Yves Tumor. Above that, the programme included some audiovisual shows, digital art installations, 3D sound shows, fulldome screenings, conferences, presentations and workshops. What we loved the most about MIRA Festival is the intergenerational aspect of it; spectators of all ages were attending and dancing all night to share their passion about digital arts.

Aisha Devi

Lorenzo Senni

Yves Tumor


The masterpiece of this year edition was the “15 second of light” created by Protopixel, Tigrelab and Robe Lighting. The art installation located at the top of the main Funkhaus correlated sounds and lights to provide a voiceless performance. Let’s be honest, the Kluid team couldn’t resist to embrace the scene, some footages of our performance are available upon request..

“15 second of light” created by Protopixel, Tigrelab and Robe Lighting



Looking forward to the 2019 MIRA festival edition! To be continued…

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