Hope project is the project you need to know

I gathered together all these artists and models from the fashion industry around the world that I have worked with along my career because they all have inspired me during my photography journey while creating together. I ask them to take a photo wearing black or white clothes at home doing any casual activity trying to use their art and a phrase of HOPE that they would like to share to the world.


Hope project is the project you need to know

I put all the photos in black and white and created a story together. I was amazed by all their messages and photos, once again they inspired me with all their words and photos. I hope we can share it to the world. I will miss receiving this phrases and photos during this quarentine.


Sandra Grattarola / Fashion photographer

Mexican/ Italian based in New York

“I have shared magic and emotions while creating with all of these artists at one point during my career. Today we did it again even if we can’t see each other.”


Abby Fischer Model from Minnesota based in Minneapolis

“I hope during this time of rest we find our truest self. I hope we find what is important and remember the value of health for all living things”



CHUCHU NY Artist/Milliner From Hong Kong based in New York

“It would be wonderful when people look at your work they knew who created that without reading the description. I hope one day I would be that person. HOPE is the best thing we have at this very moment.”



Toni Pellegrino Hair stylist From Modica, Sicily Italy based in Modica, Sicily

“We can’t stop creating beauty because this is our mission. We can’t stop because this is our obsession.”


Adesola Adeyemi Model From Nigeria based in New York

“Panicking worsens the situation Nature reminds us that all human are equal. Time heals and every bad situation shall pass. Enjoy every moment.”


Patricia Cedeño Fashion Stylist From Mexico based in New York

“I’m ready to create this new world ! I believe this situation provides an opportunity to think on our most deeply held values and explore them with others, bring out the best that is in us and put them into action.Breath consciously and stay calm but be sensible. We all share the same fears and In some way it feels like this will connect us all closer. Please don’t forget the earth is our treasure. “



Mayela Vazquez Makeup & Hair artist From Mexico based in New York

I see this moment as a gift from the Universe. I’ve restored my mind and body through meditation, I’ve connected with myself, I have embraced uncertainty and I have acknowledged my power within to create. I’ve recognized how valuable the little things are, like hugging my sister, my best friend, going dancing, and celebrating life with loved ones. I feel blessed to be safe and even though I am using this time to grow in many ways,I look forward to having another chance to live and see all the people I love again soon!.


María Montané Fashion Stylist From México based in New York

“Now I finally time the time to re read the books and magazines that inspired me to do what I do now.”


Orazio Tomarchio From Taormina Italy, based in Catania Make up artist

“Hope lies within the heart and will of each of us.”



Lili Kalkamanova Model From: Russia, Siberia based in New York 

“Catching a moment with fun. Home routine.”




Tomoko Kuwamura Hair stylist From Japan based in New York

“I’ll do what I can do now.”



Victoria Jade Francis Fashion Stylist From Melbourne Australia based in Tulum, Mexico

“The amazing thing about this point in history is that where others see mayhem, I see opportunities. Anything that life throws at you, you always have a choice… always. I tend to choose the option that excites my sensibilities rather than limit my creativity or vision.”




Eugenia Gamero Fashion stylist From Venezuela based in LA

“Happiest moment of my quarentine was when I realized all I need to be happy is the sun and nothing else.”




Giulia Nagle Photographer/Model From Boston based in New York

“The decisions we make now have profound affects on our future. I Isolate not only for myself, but for my friends, my neighbors, and strangers. We are going through this together. We are not alone. And it’s in solidarity that we can make a difference.”




Tomo Make up artist From Japan based in New York

“During this situation, positively I’m spending my time for my hobbies which is drawing, painting and planting plants,This is a very hard time all of the world but we can learn so many things while we are staying home. I am hoping to everyone staying healthy and getting better this situation soon.”



Marco Strano  Fashion Designer From Italy based in Catania

What is Beauty? I don’t know, but I can recognize it and I know that it will return all over the world. Prudence and audacity will stand by us



Eleonora Volpe Fashion Stylist From Italy based in New York

“This global pandemic gave me the chance to stop my hectic routine as a stylist in NY and go deep and meditate about what is really important in life. I think at the heart of it there is that deep connection with nature and all the human beings, in one word: love. This drawing was inspired by that feeling of grounding and belonging: it’s time to be brave and make the right decisions. We are all connected.”




Megan Russell Model From Arizona Based in New York/Arizona

“I’ve learned during this time to never take anything for granted even the little things because you never know when it will all be gone. Hope everyone stays healthy!.”

Desirèe Ferlito Model From Italy based in Catania Italy

“These dark nights will soon be over and the sun will shine again.”




Karen Macias Lopez Stylist and Blogger From Mexico based in New York

«We’ve been forced to pause our lives, but this time for me has been to truly hear my soul,my creativity and my new goals. To finally hear what God has wanted to tell me.”

“There is a reason why we are artists. We are meant to inspire peoples lives and most importantly our own. Hope this words and images gave you some love during this time. Remember we are all in this together.”

Sandra Grattarola

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