“I never thought I would do this as a job” Chloé Thévenin

Chloé is a french electronic music DJ, producer and composer. She lives from her passion since the release of her first EP in 2002. Today, she owns her label, Lumière Noire, and is going to perform at the Sonar Festival. Movie and guitar passionate, Chloé managed to create her very own sound and frequently collaborate with artists to produce a unique musical experience for electronic music lovers.



Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from, what’s your background, studies…?

My name is Chloé Thévenin, I am a DJ and producer and I perform live in venues around the world. I was studying law after school but also started going to raves and music clubs during that time and got really into DJing. I never thought I would do this as a job but today after 20 years in electronic music, I am still here. I’ve produced 3 albums, did many EPs and remixes on many different labels. One year ago I launched my own label : Lumière Noire.

Most of the time I travel to perform as a DJ or I perform my album live show « Endless revisions live » in clubs, festivals and special venues around the world. I am also touring my project with marimba player Vassilena Serafimova, which started for a ‚Variations‘ piece when we interpreted Steve Reich for a live concert. To access the video click here.


When and why did you start to compose electronic music?

I’ve started to compose before going into electronic music, with a guitar and a 4 tracks mixer. The music was more low fi folk(ish), weirdo style. When I started to DJ I wanted to learn how to make electronic music, since then I’ve always mixed electronic music with the idea that it can be more organic by adding some recordings. My first EP was released on Karat « Erosoft » in 2002.



Who are your major influences?

I don’t have one major influence in the electronic scene, I respect a lot of artists. Some influences definitely come from legendary albums like the white album of the Beatles or the Dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd.


How do you find inspiration?

It depends mainly in the mood I am, it can be a book, my travels, a feeling I have for someone, a movie… I am also inspired sometimes by a piece of gear I just bought like a new synthesizer, a drum machine etc..



What are you working on now? Any ongoing project?


I am at the moment working with marimba player and bulgar percussionniste Vassilena Serafimova on a collaboration project. For a long time now I wanted to work with a musician playing acoustic music. Vassilena is a trained classical musician and loves contemporary and experimental music.  She is very open to experiment with me on new approaches which is a great opportunity for both of us. We have started 2 years ago. The french collective Sourdoreille asked us to work on a 25mn live project around Steve Reich to be filmed for French TV culturebox. We have played a live show inspired by « Music for 18 musicians ». We have since continued to work on a more personal live performance including some original tracks we have produced that are part of our live show. We are touring with our live show and are preparing an album for next year, hopefully.

I am working also on my label Lumière Noire as we have nice releases to be coming: an EP by French new comer Morgan Blanc, and a various artists release to be coming. I am also working on the music on a movie.



What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn’t have your music career?

I’d probably be a lawyer as I was studying penal law. For years I was DJing, producing and studying all at the same time. Then I had to make a choice. I would have probably stopped being a lawyer to work in a coffee shop and make coffee!



Who are your favorite Instagram accounts at the moment?

I follow a lot of account of people who are travelling:




I find it very inspiring to see some nice lands, there are so many places to explore. With the job I do have the chance to travel a lot and meet great people, but I rarely have the chance to stay as I have to play somewhere else the next day.


Last but not least, Kluid is all about music, fashion, and of course illustration. We’d love to know what’s your current favorite brand or key item; Any artist you truly support?

I discovered French painter and illustrator Matthieu Cossé through my Lumière Noire label art director Dune Lunel. We totally love his work and we are currently collaborating with him on some Lumiere Noire cover art: he did a painting for Sutja Gutierrez’s EP, an engraving for Iñigo Vontier’s ep.


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Listen to some of Chloé’s music on her SoundCloud.


To learn more about her label Lumière Noire click here.