“I slowly moved towards illustration” Simon Landrein

How @simonlandrein started? He can’t say it. It just happened and he kept going, thus creating his own imaginary world.



Can you tell us a little about yourself? What’s your profession, background, studies…


I’m French, I’ve studied 3D animation in France and then I moved to London for 10 years where I ended up doing 2D illustration. I wasn’t in love with the technical aspect of 3D so I slowly moved towards illustration.



When did you start drawing? Why?


I’ve started drawing when I was a kid, like most of us. I guess I’ve just sticked to it. I was also raised as a single child for a while as my sister is 11 years younger than me so I guess it was a good way to make up stories when you don’t have brother or sister to play with when your friends are not around.

Frankly I don’t really know why I started to draw and why I kept doing it, it just feels good I guess.



“I think that what you see in a very usual day to day life can be quite fun and interesting to depict.”

 Where do you find your inspiration?


Mostly when I have small talks with some friends, or even random people. I think that what you see in a very usual day to day life can be quite fun and interesting to depict. The way we describe our life and ourselves within a group of friend can be quite colorful, I like that.


Regarding the illustration world, where do you see yourself in few years?


I had a couple of busy years lately, so I’d love to come back in a more quiet life where I can develop longer project with more personal input such as longer animation or comics. That’s what I would love to achieve within the next few years.





What advice would you give to a beginner artist?


Maybe one tiny advice is to be consistent, not in your style but to produce something quite often. To finish a project, maybe fail and start again. Even when we don’t like a project it’s always good to have a little feeling of achievement. I feel it helps to have a bit of distance and maybe learn a mistake or two.


Find more about Simon Landrein artwork on hiswebsite and instagram.