“The collaboration was the best thing I’ve ever done.” Lafawndah’s talk about Le Renard Bleu release

Le Renard Bleu is an incredible musical and cinematic collaboration between Lafawndah, the composer Midori Takada and filmmaker Partel Oliva. In partnership with KENZO and filmed in Japan Partel Oliva imagined a contemporary cinematic frame for the myth of the fox to re-appear creating a hybrid of choreography and narrative around Takada and Lafawndah’s performance of their joint composition. For its release, we had a quick talk with Lafawndah about this cross-generational collab.



Let’s talk about the EP Le Renard Bleu, what the music and concept are inspired of? 

It’s inspired by the fox, in the Dogon Mythology. The fox is is a figure of good chaos. It fucks things up so we can start over, but better.

How did you end up working with Midori Takada on this project? How was the collaboration? Any anecdotes or best moment you shared together? 

The film directors Partel Oliva invited me to collaborate with Midori Takada on a musical piece and that became the point of departure for them to write their film. The collaboration was the best thing I’ve ever done. She’s a legend. I learned so much from her, the way you learn from a master. My favorite moment was on the last day, we were rehearsing for the shoot of the film the next day and I found out she was a dancer and a choreographer so she was showing me all these moves and at some point when we took a break, she went to the control room, dabbed and said “strike a pose”. She is the coolest person, seriously like such a master but also so fun and so goofy.

What do you think of the cinematographic interpretation of the music?

I love it! But you know, I didn’t ask any questions before the shoot I let them write and then direct us. I let that process be completely opaque to me until the film was done. I think the music and the lyrics were one of the points of departure for the directors but they also took the film in its own place. I love how it follows itself and then sometimes doesn’t at all.

What’s your song or music creation process?

It totally depends. But most of the time it starts with something unrelated to music a scene in a film a line in a book or a lyrics or a thought or a story. Then comes the music itself and I try to figure out to find a way to serve what started the process. Most of the time I end up in a very different place than what I had imagine and I love being surprised by where I land.

Do you have any other on-going or future project?

Yes I do! My new single is coming out very soon and more and more.. but you’ll see when it comes your way.

  Credit photos Partel Olivia