Moda sostenible. Naturaleza y Culturas


These designers are impossible to define in a single adjective, because their universe is like them, passionate. Because they are born from emotions and feelings. Their universe agree because it is research in design, it is the constant seeking of textures and motifs in nature and cultures, which can be transferred to each of their pieces. And the universes are creative because it breathes design in every collection.

The Ester’s inspiration behind her designs is close to the consumer, since she is inspired by raw nature, by the streaks in the bark of a tree, by the rough texture of a rock, by the colours of a natural landscape… all of this makes her somehow connect with the final consumer in a special way, since it is a universe known to all.


True to its roots, Wedu is a brand without gender barriers that advocates a more conscious, open and involved industry, something that is always refreshing in a new designer. When it comes to ethical values, Coréon manages to embrace everything that a sustainable, comprehensive company should be: conscious production and craftsmanship, a strong message behind each collection and no barriers of size, gender or ethnicity.

In addition, this search to pay tribute to nature and the cultures have also led thim to seek out the best materials and qualities in the cotton and wool from which she finds her source, turning their pieces into small luxury garments because of their quality and the values that support them.

If anything has grown during this crisis, it has been their love for the projects, because when work and passion go hand in hand, the effort always compensates and will reward.




Model: Jordi 

Text Ines Tell.