We spoke with Olya Tra.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?  What’s your profession, background, studies… When did you start drawing? Why?

I’m Ukrainian living all over the world since my childhood. Last few years I lived in South England. I am a self taught artist with professional background in science and a life long admiration of nature.

My academic background is Bachelor of International Relations & communications from a Dutch University ( Groningen) and Master of Science from Bournemouth University , England.

At the moment, apart from arts & design I work as marketing director at a missionary project, which is not profit oriented but most is run on CSR corporate social responsibility vision – we created a creative space in my hometown – as a platform for young creatives in various spheres – from IT to Music, to arts. There are also a few projects related to our mission on a side – all united by a goal of creating effective inspirational impact of young people, unite them, help them grow professionally and personally with a common goal in mind – better future for our society and world in general.

Also, I love helping people  who do something amazing and have a beautiful source within them they are developing, doing so by sharing my professional ‘knowledge’ /coaching their projects.



Where do you find your inspiration?

From perfection – which to me is all authentic natural processes God had created. You can say – divine ,which can be discovered and embraced in every corner of life.

In your opinion, why people are responsive to your art?

My assumption is it’s due to the flow of energy invested into it. Which is not just ‘my’ own energy, but of a greater significance, beauty. I believe any person, any creative person too – are merely transmitters of greater good, our only responsibility is to keep ourselves clean …. let’s say as a jar, or a tube. To transmit the energy/ water/substance the best – the transmitter has to be in good condition. When we as people work on our innermost mechanisms, minds, thoughts and hearts being pure – only so we become capable of unity with the greater source of beauty.



Do you have any on-going project? Art related? Yes, several.

First, I have a capsule collection/a  line of hand crafted  ahimsa ( vegan) silk dresses with laser printed images of my work . 

At the moment using same fabric am working on creating  a small capsule collection of female apparel too. 

Another one , is I am working on a series of Black and white portraits of people of various nationalities, more can be revealed about the project – when it is complete. Am looking forward to share!

Who are your favourite illustrators? Who do you follow on Instagram?

With regards to following o Instagram – to be keeping hygiene go my social media engagement is very important.I do not follow many, only those who I believe to be authentic, who’s work is ‘ kind ‘ , of a high quality. I follow a few artists , such as my friend ranamagh – a girl from the middle east doing an amazing job on painting the sea; _dotpigeon to me is very clever and witty, love his/her work;  ivanalifan to me is simply magical; and tom bench – is probably my favourite , he gets to the very depth of art, of essences human being are dealing with daily – yet often fail to recognise, multidimensional nature of his work, his amazing vision on my opinion is the closest modern art had got to divine beauty.

Last but not least, Kluid is all about music, fashion, and of course illustration; what’s your opinion about those topics?

Do you have any favourite clothing brand? What’s your style?

My favourite band of clothes are those that are VERY high quality made, yet simply designed. Such as ‘All Saints’ – if I culd, I’d have my entire wardrobe of just their clothes. I like ‘UNIQLO’ ( japanese I think?); ‘United colours of Bennetton’  * Tommy Hilfiger are classics; and I love making clothes myself, so much out of good high quality natural fabrics and of maximum simplicity in the way the look and wear.


Any favourite music?

Can be very diverse.

To me probably most favourite musician among dead and alive musicians is Nils Fram. The guy is full on genius , I believe he does an amazing job being that ‘ transmitor’ of greater beauty that mentioned earlier in the interview.

Electronic music is a thing too, my favourites there would be Jon Hopkins, Ricardo Villolobus, Pavel Dovgal, Black Madonna.

I have tremendous respect for singers-song writes too, among which my favourite would probably be Denai Moore and JMSN.