Os presentamos la nueva colección de Georgiela Studio

There are certain moments in the history of a designer that mark a before and after, or that are simply the moment they will point to as the beginning of their career. Perhaps for Georgina it was when she got her diploma as a recent graduate in fashion design and found an email in her inbox. Lady Gaga wants a model for her new video clip: Born this Way, a single that was part of the singer’s second studio album and, without anyone knowing it, would become an ode to sexual freedom, gender and individuality.

An email such as this one may mean many things, for most people the beginning of a successful career in the fashion world, but for a new designer it is much more than that. For a new designer just out of university, looking for her place in the industry, perhaps more lost than when she started, it means that someone, somewhere in the world, is shouting at her: Go on, I see you, keep going!


And that is what she did, she continued with her career, she founded Gerogiela Studio, she moved to Paris, she learned from the best, she kept on training, she kept on moving and learning.

But the thirst for knowledge did not stop and Georgiela Studio did not stop growing, she had experienced Paris, now it was time for London, where Georgina continued to create and design.

Now Georgina is coming home, bringing Georgiela Studio back, but it is no longer the same, it is now a consolidated brand, which shows at Cibeles in Madrid, which has a team with minds as restless as hers. Now Georgina is the one who teaches.

But Georgiela Studio, or Georgina, or both as they are one, remains the same. Their collections still breathe the same essence as at the beginning. She continues to mix avant-garde and design like no one else.

Georgiela Studio still feels like art.

Georgiela Studio comes back but never goes back.


Text: @inestel