Green organza shirt : GNDR Silver hoop : Vintage White stay ups : Wolford

“PARADOXALE” by Asia Ahmed


Grey sport bra : NIKE Triangle neon bra : Urban Outfitters Long black gloves : Vintage Silver hoops : Vintage


Asia Ahmed @asiaahmed

styling+art direction:
Wendy Truong @hybhrid

creative production+casting:
Tatiana Costa Lopes @tvtivn

Alena Amsaleg @emohokage

styling assistant:
Alba Soldo @lbsld

Ophélie Him @opheliehim at MADEMOISELLE agency

The idea behind PARADOXALE was to use a genderless brand but make it provocative and, well, paradoxal: bold, girly and sexy, as well as sweet, quiet and transparent. Pictures were shot in both digital and analog, and portray an array of different styles, in different rooms of the apartment. In each, the girl is a different version of herself.