The city as public museum?

  The Reclaim collective caught our attention with the creation of an award to show art in the public space. Billboards are rented and made available to artists as exhibition surfaces. The award takes place annually in Cologne from 20 to 30 September. The project embodies the organizers’ desire to … Leer más

Party with the founder of iconic label Mo’ Wax.

Party with the founder of iconic label Mo’ Wax and hear a DJ set from the trip-hop pioneer himself. Trailblazer DJ Milo and up-and-coming talent DJ Shy One round out the line-up. This year, James Lavelle celebrates 30 years of DJing in clubs. To mark this milestone, Lavelle is hosting … Leer más

Involved is the new exhibition of Marija Brasnic

  Involved is the result of an ongoing process in which Marija Brasnic explores the possibilities of the unconscious mind through her experimental practices in art. She develops her layered visual language by combining intaglio printmaking techniques with digital media. A series of mixed media paintings, intaglio prints (aquatint, dry point, … Leer más