Summer bound

The great thing about beaches is that more or less, we all are equal. Greater than that, all life status are unwrapped. Literally. You’re just flesh with pieces of fabrics.

The light striking bodies makes you ultimately look better. You’re overexposed. Skin is brighter, body attitude is bouncing. And the best of it all, you actually get blind by the sun. Getting blind by love is so over.



Hands on the hips, looking to the skyline, feeling free and candide. I love the fact that a plumber can be seated next to a business manager. Body space is different for every culture. Crossing some people without even thinking you’ll touch them.



Bodies become like keys on a sheet of music paper. Some keys make more sound or have more weight. If you look from distance, you don’t even see bodies. When it’s crowded, you see rhythm with sometimes some space or silence between.



On the beach, the best part is the game. You touch with your eyes, get hit by a blink, and this is how you connect. It’s like an old program written by a binary engineer on a sunday. Failing to connect happens, sure. Still you’re trying to get the bip.

Would you hit on the guy on the blue towel if it wasn’t on the beach? Your battery is dead anyway, gotta make a move fast, he finished his beer, might leave..You have more reasons to go for it than not, so ?



Summer crushes are the best. Tomorrow is far.