Sun goes down by Piot Marzec

Sweater – Helmut Lang

Blouse – Garbiella Fenwick

Long leeved top – Gabriella Fenwick

Jumpsuit – Gabriella Fenwick


Coat Acne Studios

Long sleeved top – Gabriella Fenwick

Jumper – Acne Studios

Long sleeved top – Gabriella Fenwick

Body – Gabriella Fenwick


photo;                  Piot Marzec -⁠ www.piotmarzec.com

hair&makeUp;            Francesca Vigliarolo – www.bigoudi.de/2014/hair-make_up/francesca_vigliarolo/

styling;                Sara Medali -⁠ www.saramedali.tumblr.com/

Model;  Leslie Sivers -⁠ http://www.m4models.de/model/5890

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