The city as public museum?


The Reclaim collective caught our attention with the creation of an award to show art in the public space. Billboards are rented and made available to artists as exhibition surfaces. The award takes place annually in Cologne from 20 to 30 September. The project embodies the organizers’ desire to contribute to culturally enhancing the public space and making Cologne’s urban profile more attractive. Leading this project, Juürgen Naber, Tobias Handorf and Caspar Wündrich, three creatives minds with a long-term goal to make billboards available to artists as exhibition surfaces in the context of the competition.

Exemplary visualization of the billboards © Odo Hans/ Reclaim Kollektiv

“We intend to have these surfaces become a cultural conceptual surfaces, artistic canvases, or photographic landscapes.”

Exemplary visualization of the billboards © Caspar Wündrich / Reclaim Kollektiv

This initiative is in line with today’s society issue and a promising start to make people look up instead of staring at their phone. Urban life is sometimes overwhelming, especially with crowded public transports, what about having some nice photographs or drawings on your way to work? At Kluid we encourage the Reclaim Kollektiv innovative idea and invite you to invest in culture by donating for the billboards spaces.

If you are an artist, it is also an opportunity to gain exposure and contribute to make public space a truly piece of art. So don’t be shy and apply right here to enter the competition. Applications are opened until July 28th. For more information about the award, we invite you to visit their website. We are looking forward to seeing your treasures on Cologne’s streets!

Exemplary visualization of the billboards © Caspar Wündrich / Reclaim Kollektiv

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