The powerful artist couple @z_e_b_u revealed insights about their designs

Kluid Magazine met Lynn and Davis (Zebu). Avant-garde artworks and real partner in crimes, discover more about the Berlin-based illustrators duo.


Can you tell us a little about yourself? What’s your professions, backgrounds, studies…

We both have our roots in the graffiti and urban art culture. We met there around 2007 and started to work together. First it was just painting next to each other, then small collaborations while painting and then we ended up working on one piece together. It was all a process which took some time but we never seriously thought about doing anything else. We both studied Visual Communication in Berlin, learning more about illustration, painting and screenprinting. During this time we already worked together on some projects. In 2015 we founded ZEBU.

How is it to work as a duo?

We work together on as good as anything. We sketch together, compose the composition together and discuss the colorings together. Of course, at certain points of the work, the tasks are split up. However, the image-ideas and forms are always created together. There are hardly any projects we work on individually. Cooperation has many advantages for us. We can inspire and motivate each other. One person can pick up the train of thought or the line of the other and continue it. This way we are able to create a visual language which we could hardly archive individually.



Where do you find your inspirations?

We love to visit exhibitions with our friends (also for the free beers at the opening), but we get the most inspirations in our everyday lives: colors and shapes you discover during a walk by accident. We love to take walks, just go around town or nature and explore places. It’s also one of our techniques when we get stuck in the creative process. Going out, thinking about things you see suddenly brings you the ideas you have been looking for on the drawing desk.

“Art is a way of living.”

What advice would you give to a beginner artist?

Eat healthy, get enough sleep, spend time outside the studio and take breaks. Thats super important but often neglected, so many people end up not enjoying their work any more.


What’s art to you?

Art is a way of living. The way we paint is a result of the way we see the things around us. When we look at an object, shape or figure we feel the need to reduce its form and make it more abstract. We like to erase all the unimportant information and focus on the essence. Through this creative process our work becomes bold and dynamic. There is no fix agenda in our work, but there is definitely a motivation for the way we paint: Through reducing and abstracting the form of the human body we create figures which can’t be assigned to a specific gender or nationality. Every person should have the possibility to identify with our work. We would like to depict a diverse society in our works, not a stereotype one.


Find more about Zebu artwork on their website and Instagram.