“The ultimate inspiration are people” Martina Paukova

Martina Paukova gives us an insight of her artwork and inspiration through an interview full of energy and smile. The Berlin-based illustrator is rich of several collaborations with international magazines and brands. Martina Paukova works towards topics defined by each client, but constantly pushes herself and her imagination.

When and why did you start drawing? Did you find your own artwork style from the beginning or did it involve with time?

I didn’t draw much as a child, or at least there are no major records of it. BUT – we formed a little drawing club with girls from my course at university (we studied politics) when I was about 22, we met few times, drank wine and drew. Was fun. I guess this is when I realized that there is some creative correlation between my eye and the hand.

What’s the favorite illustration/collaboration you had and why?

The one that comes to mine is with Japanese department store – ISETAN and their Christmas campaign back in 2015. They hired around 5 illustrators and each of us did a character. These were then combined into a long massive line, all the characters dancing this Finnish folk dance called “Jenkka”. Imagine all this across the whole department store, on window displays, alls, doors, escalators, it was also made into animation with this crazy tune, some merchandise was made too. Pure craziness!

What inspires you?

I guess as I work mostly commercially, inspiration ultimately comes from the brief that client provides. This sets my playground area and offers some clues from which I then can bounce off and take it all further. I am a massive fan of everything mundane and literal, I am matter of fact type of person. But yea, the ultimate inspiration are people, modern self is performing self. And I like those little performances.

Do you think that your artwork can have an impact in people life or mind? Would you like to spread a word with your work?

Hmm my work is usually not really political. I like humor and certain level of awkwardness – that can be a nice messenger too I think. Every now and then I do something with stronger message, but usually am staying in my warm comfort zone.

Tell us a dream project you’d like to realize!

Oh! Would have to be something large scale and mural based.

Do you think that today, illustrations have a bigger place in the artistic and business worlds?

Definitely, wherever you look there is illustration. It is used to explain, illustrate, lift, powder up, help purchase, help understand. It literally is everywhere, good for us illustrators!

Find out more about the illustrator Martina Paukova on her website and follow her on Instagram!

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