Time to freak out with the Berlin Fantasy Filmfest

Fantasy Filmfest is one of the leading genre film festival in the world. Every summer the festival tours the major German cities and brings genre film to the finest screens of the country. 


 Image archive 2002 – Fantasy Filmfest


The program includes thriller, science fictions, horror films, edgy twisted arthouse, black comedy and animation, showcasing the diversity and creativity of international genre film. Each year the festival picks 50 a high-quality selection of about 50 features and 10 film movies to be presented on big screen. 


Many of today’s well-know genre hits and modern classics like District 9, Final Destination, Saw, The silence of the Lambs have premiered at Fantasy Filmfest. In addition to presenting main-stream Hollywood productions, he festival is always on the move to present international independent masterpieces and can proudly look back on premieres such as The Descent, Cube, Pulp Fiction, or American Psycho. 



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