“What Comes Next” is Cosmo’s Midnight debut album

We had a chat with Cosmo’s Midnight about their just released debut album, named “What Comes Next”. The producers duo, that happen to be twins, have been in the industry for many years. After having sold out concert tickets in their home country, they are not close at all to slow down.

 Photo credits: @alxjohnstone

Could you tell us a bit about yourselves? When did all this start? Do you have any specific musical background? 

Hey we’re Cosmo’s Midnight, two twins from Sydney, Australia. We live in Sydney’s inner west where we grew up and have been writing music for about eight years and professionally almost five years. We both were studying the Arts while learning to write music at the same time, which was pretty difficult to balance.  We also both casually learned instruments growing up and were both taught piano by our mother. She kinda still helps out from time to time with writing music.

What it is like to have a duo with your twin and how do you have your roles defined? It’s quite ideal honestly, very symbiotic. We both have a pretty clear vision on what the song is going to sound like before we get deep into the writing process but we both have a different style of writing which helps us bounce off each other and stay inspired. Also having known each other for so long we have no problems with being brutally honest with each other and telling the other when something sucks.

Could you guys put into 3 words your new album?  Collage, rhythm and house.

Just by checking your Instagram gallery, we can see your sensitivity towards fashion and modern photography. Are these topics a hobby/interest of yours? I feel like music is just one of our expressions and whilst it’s our strongest we like to let people see different shades to our personalities. I wouldn’t say either of us heavily research or curate our ‘look’ it is just how we dress and what we tend to gravitate to is soft but chromatic tones. I guess it’s just the style and aesthetic surrounding us as our generation grew up.

Charlotte Mei has been the illustrator of your cover. Is there any specific reason why? We just thought she could capture the soft, upbeat aesthetic we were trying to go for with our music. Her art always has a sense of the past bottled up in the present. Precise but with childish and uptempo charm, kind of like our music.

 Illustration by Charlotte Mei

2018 is the year of your debut trip through Europe. In what cities are you most excited to play and why? Well we’ve never been to Europe before so we’re super excited to see everything. But I’ve heard amazing things about Copenhagen and Amsterdam, we’re also super excited to see friends in Berlin and London, yeah we can’t really pin it down to one place.

What comes next? 

Figuring out how to further develop our sound and make even better, exciting music.

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