“When I start a new project it’s like a first date.” Amélie Falière

It’s time for Amélie Falière to inspire us with her artwork. Food, faces, but also children illustrator, Amélie has a wide palette sprinkles by an amazing sense of detail! On this interview, the french illustrator give us the secret on how to master projects and constantly be inspired. Creativity isn’t something that you can control, but by knowing herself Amélie learnt how to use her creativity at its best.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? What’s your background and how did you get into drawings?

I’m a french Illustrator living in St-Ouen, near Paris. I’m mom of 18 months old son Gaspard and living with my man Wassim and two cats. I grew up in the country in a teeny tiny town in Burgundy, and I think nature and animals have always fascinated me. I love living in St-Ouen now because of the incredible flea market which is a great source of inspiration, with all the objects that look like a free museum where you can buy stuff; but also because of the people visiting or working in it: it’s a great melting pot of many cultures, styles and social categories.

I studied Graphic art and graduated in Ecole Estienne in Paris, then I turned into illustration because that was my true passion. I always drew since I was little. I didn’t talk very much and it has always been a way to express myself.

How would you describe your work in three words?

-Second degree humour



Do you have some period during the year where you creativity is up or totally down?

I’m a night worker. I must work all day because otherwise my days are too short to finish my projects, but I can tell my creation and concentration are very low during daytime. I start feeling efficient starting from 5pm. And I work almost everyday very late in the night.

During some periods, I have to work very quickly and very efficiently like if I was a machine because of the editors deadlines. I have a lot of ongoing projects in the same time. During these times, I feel like my creativity can be low since I have to work like a machine without taking as much time as I want to think or to really enjoy what I’m doing. When I feel like this, I know I need to take a few days away from my city, to reset my brain. Change my scenery and when I’m back in front of my computer, it’s like I have new eyes and a brain full of new ideas and beautiful images.

How does it feels when you are drawing?

Depends on what. I’m used to doodle a lot of girls faces, dogs or flowers but only to relax my mind, without thinking of anything, and this feels like a brain massage. No pression, just me, the pen and the paper.

Usually, I’m a little bit stressed when I start a new project. It’s like a first date. I know the first impression can decide of the future of the whole project. If I don’t like what’s comes up, it can block me for the whole project. If I start a book with some images I like and I feel comfortable with, then I know we are gonna spend good time together.


What are your inspirations?

Ohhh so many things…

Insects, dogs, but mostly people.

Fashion, jewelry, I love to look at stylish people in the streets.

Food, trying to figure how to give the yumminess of dishes.

Then, in general I’m looking at textured things and I imagine how I could turn this effect on photoshop really excites me. I also love kitsch very much!

What are you passionate about besides your work?

I’m a hands-on type of person. I love to create things with my hands such as build a carton house for my son, knit, paint, or renovate furnitures. Trying new restaurants is also a big passion!

What’s your personal motto?

Try to be true in your drawings, don’t try to draw what’s expected but what imposes to you.

Follow her work on her instagram @amelie_faliere.


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