“When I’m taking photos I am in the moment” Sagan Lockhart

Captured on film, certain timeframes are kept and immune to change, they will always give you that moment whenever you look upon them. LA’s SAGAN LOCKHART has been giving people of all ages his personable lens, exploring polarising settings of calm and crazy and producing photos that retain the energy in which the moment is truly captured. So what’s next for him? With a lofty sort of brevity we got into what’s going on in the present.

So, who are you?  My name is Sagan Lockhart.

What do you do? I’m currently running a brand with Keith Hufnagel and Hanni El Khatib called Metropolitan USA.

 Do you enjoy what you do?  I pick up some freelance gigs here and there as well. I love what I get to do, the people I work with and the freedom is the best part.

 Where have you been in your life? I’ve been all across North America, Europe, Australia and Thailand.

 Of all the different places what’s your favorite? Everywhere has something different to offer but nowhere is like LA to me.

 Do you think Social Media is harmful to mental health or a non-issue?   I don’t think social media is necessarily harmful to mental health. I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff it feeds growing minds..but the same can be said about TV or the radio so I think it will all just be ok in the end.

What’s your opinion of the male gaze, and does it still exist as strongly in film today? It’s great to show all perspectives, sometimes I don’t agree with everything but then that’s my choice to view it and enjoy it. It definitely still exists, but more females are getting recognition and showing their point of view on things.

Who’s your favorite female artist musically or visually?  Sade musically and Nan Goldin visually.

Are you a good listener? What’s the dumbest argument you’ve ever had? I can be a good listener if I choose too, sometimes I really don’t care what someone is saying to me. I hear too much dumb shit all the time to even begin to tell..

When was a time in all your experiences taking photos that you felt real love for it? When I’m taking photos I am in the moment and not thinking about it as much. I feel a real love for it when I look back on places I’ve been, friends or events.

Most special memory? For someone who makes a living off of capturing memories, what’s the most precious of yours?  There is no way to narrow it down to one. I feel that I have done so much, and I am also looking forward to so much more..that I could never be satisfied with just one memory.

 Credit photos Sagan Lockhart